Monday, March 24, 2008

Owning your words...

I was in a class not too long ago, where I had to hand in a peer review sheet with critiques of my fellow students' presentation. As I handed it to the prof, I asked her if I needed to put my name on it? Her reply was, "Only if you want to own your words.".....Wow.... I was convicted right then and there and signed my name.

That was a powerful comment...."owning your words"...I visited another blog recently and left anonymous comments and I regret I did. This whole world of blogging and talking through typing, and to strangers at that, has been quite a learning curve for me! I tend to be a friendly soul...I am Canadian after all. Friendliness is ingrained in our genetic make-up. (If you have had a bad experience with a Canadian, I am truely sorry, for the most part, we do mean well.)

It was at this blog that I crossed the line between friendly and unacceptable. Nothing profane or intentionally suggestive, but it was something that if you didn't know me could have been interpreted as suggestive. My bad. I didn't even see it the second time I wrote it! It was only after the Blogger informed me that my words were inappropriate did it click! (Sometimes, I can be thick headed....) Which brings me back to "owning your words", if I had signed my name originally, I probably would have been much better off. Right now, I am still stinging from his comments (as correct for him to write under the circumstances, now that I can see a little better from his perspective) and I feel humiliated, like I was being devious or sneaky...and I hate sneakiness! I have also sabotaged what could have been a good friendship!

I now try to be careful with what I write, and I will not be anonymous anymore. I am what I am, I make mistakes, I run ahead of God, I can be silly and foolish, I can be funny and tender, I am curious, I care too easily, and I can be naive as often as I can be discerning....I am not the Great I AM, but by the Grace of God, I am who I am...I will own my words....

My name is MistiPearl.

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