Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What do you hear?

I want to explore a little of the intimacy a person experiences with Christ. It is wonderful that He can be everything to anyone. What does that mean though? For some He is peace, comfort, a friend, a father, a protector, just to name a few...When a person calls out to Jesus, what do they hear back? Silence? Scripture? The beginnings of a conversation?

What do you hear when you call out to Jesus? When you are afraid, do you hear words of peace? Do you just feel peace? When you are joyful, do you hear Jesus laugh? When you are lonely, do you hear a love poem? What do you hear?

I hear all of the above at different times. Sometimes Yeshua speaks so softly, I don't hear Him right away. Sometimes I sit with God and He listens as I cry on his lap. (I have this bench I go to in my mind to meet Him there and pour out my heart or just speak about the day...) Some might think that doing these things is odd, and I am sure the general public would be surprised at how many Christians have experiences like these, but never hear about it because it is personal...intimate...they have a relationship with the Living God.

Everyone can have a relationship with God, no one is excluded. There is no magic involved. There are no secret words. We believe that Jesus is who He says He is. We believe - and we recognize that we need Him - we need Him to forgive our sins, to make us whole. We call out to Jesus and ask Him to be our God to fill us with His Holy Spirit...And He does. This is the beginning of a personal relationship with the Living God. And like any relationship, it requires work, listening, learning, grows and develops and becomes intimate, personal, and wonderful!

What do you hear when you call out to Jesus Christ?

In case you want to explore this yourself and you have access to a Bible read John 3:16-18....If you have time, read all of the book of John! It explains a lot:) Otherwise, you can go to a Bible-believing church and speak to someone there. I would encourage you to do so!

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Anonymous said...

Good question Misti....
What do I hear in my experience with Christ? I'm glad you asked this using the hearing sense. I am an audio learner and these are the terms that resonate with me.

I will definitely pay attention to the diverse ways that He speaks to me. Once, in a moment of fear for the future, I recognized the tune of a song working it's way to the surface. Putting words to it I realized He was speaking to me...."Because He lives, I can face tomorrow..." I knew without a shadow of doubt, Holy Spirit was planting hope through a song, and my fear dissipated.

Other times he has spoken through objects..kind of an "object lesson." Once it was a new set of quality pots, won for sales efforts in AVON. As I remarked on the supreme quality, His perspective broke through my own thoughts to remind me that they were just like the gifts He enjoys giving us...only the best! This was at a time of spiritual dryness...I'd been so busy, His voice had been crowded out. What an exhileration to hear it again!

Sometimes, it's a heaviness in my chest. "Somethings wrong" I sense, and I go to prayer. Once, when asking who it is that is in trouble, He dropped a name into my mind. Now I was able to pray more specifically. 2 weeks later that man died of a heart attack after battling his fear of death (the Lord had spoken to him that He would be taking him)

Thank you for the question.."How does God speak to you?" In searching for that answer I will be intentional about not letting the busyness of my days crowd out his voice today!

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