Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Kind of Life Do You Live?

I am recommending this book that I stumbled across not too long ago...I am still processing and I will no doubt read it again...In short, it is about getting to know God better and truly living all out for Him....ALL OUT for Him...Crazy in love...

In this book, Crazy Love, Francis Chan (the author) is interviewed at the end with the question: "Do you think God calls you to live a radical, crazy life?"

His response:

"It's not that this lifestyle should be crazy to us. It should be the only thing that makes sense. Giving up everything and sacrificing everything we can for the afterlife is logical. "Crazy" is living a safe life and storing up things while trying to enjoy our time on earth, knowing that any millisecond God could take your life. To me that is crazy, and that is radical. The crazy ones are the ones who live life like there is no God. To me that is insanity."

Are you Crazy in love with God? If not, what is holding you back?
Give Crazy Love a read, it is a good book that will surely challenge you...enjoy...

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