Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Have I forgotten you? Not at all!
I am trusting. God will make a way.
Have I forgotten you? Never.
I believe with all my heart. God is good.
I sit and watch as two cardinals, a male and a female, sit upon my apple tree. The tree I grew from a seedling. I am cheered to see these feathered wonders use my tree. It is not the biggest tree, it is not the prettiest tree, but it still has purpose.
I am Yours. To make such a claim is bold, to some, a provocative statement. Regardless, I choose to give myself to You.
To you who can do infinitely more than I could ever imagine, I give my day.
To you who knows me better than I know myself, I give my heart.
To you who is perfect love, I receive.
I live, I breathe, I humble myself, I trust, I step in faith, I hope, I look forward...to you.

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