Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Questions with Hidden Answers...

Questions I sometimes wonder:
  • What will it be like to be in the presence of Holiness?
  • Will I be able to fly in eternity?
  • When the bible says we are surrounded by a "great cloud of witnesses", does that mean there are souls that surround me...always, whenever and whereever?
  • How does a world without death and decay exist?
  • What would happen if we used all of our brain power, not just 10%?
  • How can scientists claim our far ancestors were primitive (of lesser intelligence) when they were more genetically pure? (and their legacy still stands, for example - machu picchu)
  • Why is water so mesmerizing?
  • Did angels and humans intermingle on earth?
  • Why is there a hexagon on Saturn's pole?
  • Because Eve was taken from Adam's rib, would that suggest that "soul-mates" do exist?
  • Why do we talk and not sing conversations?
Any thoughts or questions of your own?

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