Saturday, April 5, 2008

Choices...What will you choose???

Have you ever read one of those books where you begin the story and you decide how the story will continue, what decisions the characters make is up to you - you know...

"Jack and Leah went down to the pond on a cloudy day. When they got there Leah noticed a toy sailboat in the middle of the pond and wanted to swim out to get it. Jack wanted the sailboat too, but he was afraid of what might be swimming in the pond. Turn to page 4 if Jack convinces Leah to leave the boat and hike the trail to their favourite climbing tree instead. Turn to page 8 if Leah takes a plunge into the dark pond to retrieve the sailboat."

Remember those books? They were great, I loved them. They were always too short though!

Right now I am investigating alternate dimensions, parallel dimensions, the 10th dimension, etc. Great stuff, really...I don't have a background in physics, but then again, I am not convinced that you need one to explore these concepts (though it would help at times!). At this point, I believe that isolating one area of study (for example, physics, psychology, etc.) to undertake thoroughly researching, exploring, and understanding these concepts is short-sighted...entirely foolish to be blunt! I believe that in order to understand these concepts or theories, there needs to be a collaboration of many areas of study, everything from quantum physics to religion.

The idea that there are alternate realities based upon every decision that you could make in any given situation is quite overwhelming. Now, if you can, wrap your brain around this idea...let it soak....This could mean that there is a you at every level of existance from evil to good...ponder it...

To be cont'd...

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