Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Girls...

I have two wonderful daughters that bring great joy to my heart...It has been quite a journey with them. When they were small there were times where I would think to myself, I need to remember this moment - like a kodak moment, ingrained on my mind forever...unfortunately, I don't have a photographic I am left with snippits of the past, like when Sammi would chase the girls (our chickens at the time - laying hens) and try to pick them up and hug them...after we collected their eggs...

I realize now that even though I don't have a photographic memory, the Lord blesses me with moments each day with my girls that warm my heart and sometimes leaves me laughing so hard I can't breathe...(The Brits are coming, the Brits are coming...where are the Brits from?...Britland!)

I sometimes get so wrapped up in my day and in my concerns, that I forget to embrace those moments with my girls that would not only fill my heart, but nourish theirs as well. It is so easy to ignore the hearts around you that need nourishment, especially when your heart is hungry...Ironically, it is when you feed others, that you get fed! How many times have I felt a hundred times better when I reach out to others even though I didn't feel like it?! I can be difficult, but it is do-able...and everybody benefits in the end!

I learn a lot from my girls. They are very intelligent, observant, thoughtful, funny, talented, and entirely lovable!!:) I am thankful for them and I will continue to try to create more 'kodak' memories with them as time goes by, for their benefit as much as for mine.

If any of you have kids, don't forget to nourish their hearts with love and attention, and your heart will also be nourished...

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