Monday, June 30, 2008

Communication. Good-Bye.


What?!! Where are you going?



I am not sure yet.

Is everything okay?

Fine...I need to take some time to be by myself.


Because I need to hear the sound of silence.

Oh. ...When are you coming back?

When you see me again.


a barren mind . . . said...

Hi Misti,

Thank you for stopping by at my blog. I never touch it for a long time. Where did you get the link??


MistiPearl said...

Hello barrenmind,

I think it was a link from the nakedpastor blog.

Glad you stopped by my blog...


a barren mind . . . said...

Hi Misti,

You can look at some of my other paintings on this link:


MistiPearl said...

Excellent! Your paintings are great, have you been painting long?

Watercolour is a great medium eh?! You can really play with it! I do love the effect different salts give to the paint...

If you are interested in inspirational art, you should check out Oliver Pengilley's work. I have a link on the side:)


a barren mind . . . said...

I'm just a beginner. I saw Oliver's link. Its way out of my league.He is too good.

Have a nice day.

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