Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Hidden Gem

A dream I hold on to, where it leads - I don't know.

A mystery, a hidden gem, a royal treasure piece.

For now, it is tossed around like a marble in a child's pocket.

Who will end up with the marble? The game is fierce, it is not children playing.

Do they realize the treasure within the marble? Is that why they seek to own it?

The ground is not as smooth as would first appear.

Will anyone look closer to see?

Sweep away the obstacles or the marble will become nicked.

They don't see, no one will look closer, they don't care. It looks good from afar.

Wait! Who is that that watches outside the circle?

The game has escalated to a physical battle!

The marbles are scattered. Kicked and...wait...

It is him. He has picked up the marble and peers closely.

Safe in his hand, he begins to walk away.

He gently caresses the marble between his fingers removing any dirt.

His fingers seem to linger across every minute nick and scratch that was barely visible.

The marble becomes warm. So warm.

He has stopped now and removes the marble from his pocket.

He places it on a table with a slight dent in it, so as the marble does not roll.

It is almost as if the dent was made for the marble. How odd?!

He turns to get something...a hammer! No! Not a hammer!

The hammer is raised high. His muscles are strong. This will surely hurt!

With a mighty swing and a direct hit, the marble is shattered.

Why? Why? It was a pretty marble.

The nicks and scratches weren't that bad. Were they?

He blows the crushed and shattered glass away.

Why? What was the point in destroying the marble?

Wait...One piece of the marble has survived the blow.

He picks it up to analyze it.

He smiles. His eyes, they smile with a gentle knowing.

The marble is shattered, but somehow it will be okay.

Again, he caresses the left over marble between his fingers.

He is pleased.

What is left is not jagged. It is round and soon it will be smooth.

He begins to polish the piece. He sings as he does.

He enjoys his work. The piece is warm again.

After some time, he stops and peers closely.

It is beautiful! He smiles broadly and laughs with satisfaction.

The mystery revealed. A gem unhidden. A royal treasure piece.

It was his from the beginning. And now, it is his again.

This gem will never be snatched from his hand.

He will protect it ferociously. It is his! His alone.

The dream has become reality - and now I know I am home.

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