Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chasing The Wind

Chasing after the wind is a futile thing.
Waiting for the wind to come around you is all you can do.
Imagining the coolness against your skin,
Removing the scorching heat even for a moment,
Seems to give you enough hope to carry on.
Chasing the wind is an impossible task.
Waiting, prepared to receive is all you can do.
How does one prepare?
Expectant. Confident. Content.
Existing in the moment knowing the wind will come.
Chasing to find the wind will lead you astray.
Waiting, not knowing when or how, but trusting.
The wind will come.
In gentle power, in strength controlled,
In awesome wonder.
It will be welcomed, arms out-stretched, face head on.

In the distance...listen...could it be?

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