Friday, July 25, 2008

The Journey Continues...

This journey that I am on...some days I want to get off the boat and hide myself where only the deer would find me...under some cedars, on a soft mossy ground, and perhaps a soft babbling stream nearby...

Father, how did I end up here? I am tired and I want...I want...sigh...
I did not ask for this journey, did I? And why didn't you intervene, so that I...why didn't you intervene?!

~Daughter, I laid the choices before you. You choose this journey.

Fine. So, what do I do now? What are my choices now?

~Well, you can continue your way or you can journey my way.

Oh grrreat! I thought I was journeying your way! Where did I take the turn to my way??

~Way back at the beginning. You turned your back on me in September of 1988. It was then that you decided things would be done your way.

Oh. I remember that. I ripped up that letter that I didn't even open...I wish I hadn't. I know it held something beautiful inside. Didn't it?

~Daughter, it is time to look forward. I want you to look at me.

I am.

~No, I want you to look at me, in my fullness.

Is that possible?

~I wouldn't offer if it wasn't possible.


Michael said...

Sounds GREAT! May I be one of your deer? :)

One of the beautiful things about journeys is that there is more than one way to reach a goal. Perhaps "something beautiful" will come another way. Soon?

My boss is tired of this journey; she's been asking me for years to help her find another line of work. That's one reason I tried to buy a better camera, so I could bring in work as a professional photographer... but I guess God was ready for her to come home. So now she is preparing to see Him in his fullness: She has cancer, too scattered for chemo. She has refused healing, saying she is ready.

MistiPearl said...

I am sorry to hear of you boss's condition, but I am glad she feels ready.

Thank you for your encouragement!:)

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