Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

The lesson for today is: Pinesol and paint fumes will cloud your thinking, make you irritable, and tired! You may end up with a headache too. Arg. This is the 3rd paint job on this room and I am thoroughly sick of painting, but I have to (want to) get it done - tonight.

I have had a quiet house all week. Both of my girls are at camp learning to windsurf. Hopefully, the weather cooperated with them for getting out on the lake. In this time, I have gutted both of their rooms and tidied. With my oldest's room, I also added a coat of paint. The paint job before was unfinished and I was not happy with the colour; Sam didn't mind the colour so much, but she also didn't mind if it morphed into a new wavelength...And that it did. I took the original paint which was a translucent magenta (don't ask...) and mixed it with white to get this funky pinky/violet. I hope she likes it, and if she doesn't, well...let's just say, she will be buying the paint and applying it on her own.

Having all of this quiet time reinforces my desire to get into the workforce (outside the home). I now have a new appreciation for people who live alone, it can be downright boring at times, especially when the weather is incompatible with the activities you would like to do during the day!!

I also learned that I still need to work on know, like making a list of things to do and actually doing them!

All in all, it has been a great week. But I do miss my girls:)

That's it. No Word thoughts, nothing profound today - unless you consider the advice at the beginning...perhaps this is why this post is as it is... Now, to finish that painting...or maybe I will put up my curtain rods....


Michael said...

I'm not asking. I'm not asking! But, how..? I'm NOT ASKING! But...violet? I'm NOT! :D

Don't forget to take some of that quiet time for yourself. That is, listen to yourself, address or acknowledge all those heretofore unheard thoughts... and make room for the ones God gives you. Stay quiet long enough to hear those!

MistiPearl said...

I have not been very "quiet" these days. With a quiet house, I can speak out my heart, but perhaps what I really need is a holiday/solo retreat, not just a quiet house, so I can focus on what exactly the Lord is saying to me these days.

(I suppose,the quiet house is not that quiet with a rambunctious dog that loves to harass the cat, who despises the dog - the claws outstretched, warning growls, and hiss-spits would seem to suggest that it is a love/hate relationship, and then there are the dust bunnies partying in the corners, and weeds taunting me from my garden - I can even hear them from inside the house! OI! Perhaps "quiet" is the wrong word...)

Michael said...

Well, if you remember that the weeds serve a purpose, they'll shut up. What's their purpose, you ask? Protection. Weeds protect the earth from the sun and wind and the force of rain, and harbour spiders that control pests. Weeds prevent the soil from losing nutrition, and restore nutrition to it. Weeds encourage the soil to break up and stay loose. Weeds support helpful micro-organisms and essential fungi.

Agricultural "experts" know very little about God's plan, and base their theories on human behaviours, motivations of greed and self-interest which plants completely lack. Aggies' ideas force growers to use chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, to restore a semblance of balance to the ecosystem.

But it's only a plastic semblance. Like plastic flowers in a florist shop, cheap, taudry, lifeless, even toxic. You can't substitute three chemicals for an entire wealth of nutrition and expect your crop to nourish. Poisons cannot take the place of nature's bounty.

So let the weeds grow. Don't pull them; plant between them. Thin them if you must, but leave plenty behind to nurture the soil and insects. God said to Adam that he must labour to yield a harvest, but He didn't say labour to death!

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