Monday, July 28, 2008

Stepping Out Into the Unconventional

Life is quite a journey, isn't it? There is so much to see and do, so many places to explore, so many wonderful people to encounter...On days like this one, I wonder what exactly am I doing, or rather, what am I going to do. I am not content to just be day in and day out. Are you?

There are things that keep us from doing all that we desire - work obligations, family, health, finances, fear...How do we overcome these things and live life to the fullest or how do we incorporate our desires and our obligations?

For me, it would seem, that it would require stepping out into the I brave enough?

If you have been following my postings at all, you would see that I am indeed on a journey that has ups and downs. I intended this blog to be real and sometimes raw. I needed to overcome the self-imposed stigma of what a 'good little Christian girl' should look like and behave like. It has been a HUGE battle, in my mind and outside of it too.

In this journey, I am being transformed into who I want to be, who I truly am. The woman of God I am called to be. This can be weighty at times because I have imposed expectations on what I think that looks like, only to learn that I need to look at the bigger picture. I liken this to a horse that has worn blinders all its life and lead by others here and there and then one day, the blinders are removed and so is the harness and she is, but all she has ever known is blinders and someone else's direction. What should she do with this freedom? Go back and behave like she is still wearing blinders, waiting for someone to direct her or step out and explore? On her

Heavy posting? Can you relate?

This image I have had about how to serve God and reflect His love and Truth has been put through the ringer. This world has changed immensely from the 70's when the first impressions of what a 'glCg' should look and behave like was introduced to me. Now, the way we Christians relate our faith, the need to drop facades (still haven't figured out the cedilla), to be real - not hide behind ritual, routine, pomp, and unreasonable, unbiblical expectations....Though God remains the same, society changes. And I do not want to be left in the dust as seekers turn on their heels from the aforementioned...I want to walk with them. This is a burden to my heart. But I am unsure what that will look like for me.

Lord, please show me the way, Your way; I have been led by man for far too long...Please show me, Lord Jesus, the way...

....The journey continues....

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Michael said...

I see the wondrous universe that God has created for us and can't help but agree that He didn't mean for all of us to just sit where we are. We're MEANT to explore His creation, and our part in it!

The bit about blinders reminds me of the differences between the way Paul taught, and the way Jesus taught. Paul told us what a good Christian would be like--with blinders on--but Jesus taught us to think like a Christian, so we would be prepared for a world without blinders, since we wouldn't have to have a pre-trained response to every contingency. Training and discipline won't get you to heaven, especially if you're only training and being disciplined with the hope of a reward.

Okay, I'm wandering into one of my favourite rants; please forgive me! :)

Are you brave enough to face the unconventional? *I* believe you are; you have sent me a couple of quite stunning e-mails just recently that are proof of that...

The way? For starters, you're thinking. That means you'll learn discernment for yourself, rather than trusting the hollow words of ignorant men: "Lean not on the understandings of men." Men wrote the bible; God wrote the universe. Use the bible as a start, to teach you how to listen to God

Walking with others on the popular path can lead you astray: You don't see God when you're in the dust and shadows of the lost. And the lost, face it, are not good company. They're boring, honestly. :)

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