Friday, August 22, 2008

A Conversation With God

Father, how can this be?
~It is My Will.
But, what am I supposed to do?
~You do not need to do anything.
How do I walk then?
~Walk with me.
What does that look like?
~Daughter, my children all over this world are struggling to walk with Me just as you are. You are to learn from one another and encourage each other, and together we will arrive. As you walk with Me, you will see that you are walking with your brothers and sisters. Do not strive against one another. We must walk in unison. One in Spirit, One in Purpose, One heart after Christ Jesus. Love one another as I love you. Others will see this and know that you are My disciples. Then you are doing the work of My Kingdom. Peace will reign forevermore. I will guide your steps. Focus on Me and all else will fall into place. You will rejoice in Me and My Name will be glorified, souls will be saved, and together you will bring praises before My Throne. You will be filled and satisfied, you will weep no more, My Joy will be complete in you. Rejoice, my daughter, rejoice, for I am coming soon to claim what is rightfully Mine. Rejoice!

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