Thursday, August 21, 2008

Indian Moon Moth Caterpillar?

I found this guy in my back yard. He is about 2 inches long (in this picture) and I was unsure what he was. The closest thing I first found to resemble this guy was an Indian Moon Moth. This is Canada, by-the-way, so it would be surprising if it were an Indian Moon Moth, which is usually found in Asia...And then, as I researched further, I found his true identity - a Polyphemus Moth! I had never seen one of these before and I almost missed him as I was working around my garage. The dog took an interest in him, so I thought it would be prudent to safely relocate him to another area in the garden. When I returned a few hours later, he was gone...hopefully he will survive and transform into the beautiful moth that he is meant to be.

This what the moth will look like, it is about 4-5 inches across. This is a female, there is an egg by the lower right wing on the post.Photograph of female Polyphemus Moth used with permission.:)

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Michael said...

I have a picture of a female
polyphemus moth (in central Texas) on my blog; they do get around, don't they? and what a strange coincidence...

She's about the size of my hand. If you look closely, you can see one of her eggs on the post behind her.

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