Friday, August 22, 2008


I was reading Waymaker last night and I came across this paragraph. It spoke straight to my heart and I thought I would share it with you.

"The answers to our deepest questions never come to us in the season we deem best, nor in the respectable ways we imagine they should. Instead they come quietly and out of time, in ways both absurd and offensive to our souls. The true test of the human heart, then, is not in proving we are worthy of the answers we seek, but whether, when they come, we will be humble enough to surrender ourselves to their call.
-The Kyrinthan Journals, Musings, Chapter 7, Verse 33-34."

~Excerpt from Michael D. Warden's "Waymaker"

Another excerpt:

"Just then, a rogue gust shot across the bow from the cliffs to the west. The wooden masts creaked heavily under the strain, forcing the ship to heave far to starboard. Aybel grabbed Gideon’s arm to keep from losing her balance, even as she shot a worried glance back toward the cockpit. Gideon’s eyes followed hers. Captain Quigly was not at the helm, but his bondmate was, cursing the wind with a zeal that matched—or perhaps surpassed— her strained determination to hold the wheel on course. Like the captain, she was excessively squat, with a barrel-shaped torso and legs so..."

This book is the second in a trilogy of fantasy called The Pearlsong Refounding. It is about a present day man who ends up in another world where the very words spoken can destroy or heal or otherwise....Mr. Warden has quite a gift for weaving words, and his books are interesting and exciting. The cliffhanger at the end of the first book (Gideon's Dawn) left me begging for more and now it (Waymaker) is available. Click on the link to read more or to buy a book.

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