Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cardiac Care

So I am sitting here, after dinner, pondering all that I need to do tomorrow. Tomorrow I begin school again. I have mixed feelings because I have had some bad experiences in the past few of years that have tainted my "return to post secondary education" venture, but it is also my final year. YeeHaw! This year, I decided to take a positive attitude toward all that I must accomplish, that I would work on schedule, if not ahead of schedule on all my assignments and so far, so good. (And yes, I have work to do before I even start!) I still have no idea what my actual schedule will be, which is VERY inconvenient when you have kids who want to participate in different activities! But, I said I would be positive, or at least have a good attitude, so, I will go with the flow for now...no worries...

In case you are wondering, I am in my final year of getting my BScN, my(RN)nursing degree. What exactly I am going to do with my degree, I do not know. Sounds foolish, I know, but I do not have a clear sense of which area of nursing I would like to work in. I have leaned toward Cardiac Care, but I am still unsure. And yes, I have prayed about it...over and over. I will continue on though and let God direct the nursing department to determine where they think I best fit.

I am very fortunate to be able to continue my education...and I am very thankful. I have learned sooo very much about myself, about others, about different subjects. I would not exchange all that I have learned outside the theory and science of the classroom for even an honorary doctorate...;) It would seem that the most valuable lessons that I have attained have come from the interactions I have had with students, profs, and clients, not so much the ABC's of nursing, philosophy, business, etc. (Though, I have certainly learned a pile academically....if only I could remember it all...:)

You know, if I had to summarize my learning thus far in one sentence, it would be that "People want to be heard". Students want to be recognized for their hard work, the troubles they are having, the dreams they aspire to; Profs want you to hear their passion for the work they are doing, the lessons they have learned; Clients want someone to recognize their pain, their hopes, and in some cases, just acknowledge that they exist!

My heart is to hear the hearts of others...cardiac care?

It is late now and I need to rest. I am ready for tomorrow or as ready as I can be at this point anyhow...Lord, please continue to go before me and prepare the way and please be my rear guard...Lead on Father...I am following.

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