Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Follow-up to "My Apple Trees...And How They Came To Be..."

So, as the end of summer approached, I was very excited to sample my apples...from apple trees I had grown from seed. (See "My Apple Trees...And How They Came To Be..." under the Family label.)
I expected the, now red, apples to grow into the size of a small Macintosh at least, but as the weeks progressed, I realized my apples were not going to grow any bigger. "Oh well, at least I had apples", I thought. They tasted great too!! They only grew to be about 2 inches in diameter at the most, but they were good. Someone told me that it wasn't a good season for apples, but honestly, I think they were just trying to be nice. We will see how next year's harvest unfolds. In the meantime, I will head out to the Farmer's Market and see if I can get some fresh apple cider from someone whose apples grew just a tad bigger...Ahh autumn...

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