Monday, September 1, 2008

Hearing God

Over the past couple of months, I have been making an extra effort to hear the voice of God. In my daily activities, in the big decisions, and in the mundane. I had always thought that I could recognize God's voice in a pretty consistent manner; however, I had to be honest with myself and humble myself before God and ask Him to teach me again how to hear Him. I feel this is extremely important in my walk (in anybody's walk) with God. We are called to an intimate relationship with Him and being able to recognize His voice beyond a doubt is essential to being able to know and follow Him.

There are decisions in my life that I definitely do not want to leave God out of. In fact, I want to know that I am walking with Him every moment of the day! It may seem unrealistic to think that I could walk in time with God in every waking moment, I am human prone to make mistakes and wander at times, but I think that setting this goal of seeking God out in every moment of our day is not absurd. Rather, it is exactly what we are called to do. Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our steps and counsel us as we go about our day will ensure a fruitful and fulfilling day.

Starting your day off by spending time reading the Bible, allowing what you are reading to sink in, and applying what you are reading to your life is a good way to set your day up to keep in time with God. Through all of this, we are asking God to speak to us, to help us to hear His voice, to show us His Will for us for this day. By doing this, we focus on God. Focusing on God allows us to put perspective on our day and circumstances, bringing hope into overwhelming situations and a peace that is infectious - others notice.

For me, doing this and continuing through the day communing with God, asking for His Guidance - His Help - His Eyes to see, His Ears to hear, and His Heart to respond, is how I try to walk consistently with God. This also requires letting go of plans that I may have had for the day and become flexible in allowing change to occur. Sometimes, this can be difficult, but when I allow myself to let God work in me and through me throughout the day, by the end of the day, I know that it has been a day well spent.

Listening to God, hearing His voice, is vital to our well-being...Matthew 6:33 But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:32-34 (in Context) Matthew 6 (Whole Chapter) ...For a very long time, I didn't really grasp relevance of this verse in the practicality of my day. Now I have a better understanding that if I am in constant communion with the Lord, I will be able to deal with all that life throws at me and God will bless me as I honour Him, fulfilling within me with all those things in life that make my heart soar.

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