Friday, September 19, 2008

Name Dropping - Billy Graham, JLO, Obama...

Name dropping. Have you ever encountered people who do that? ..."I know/met Billy Graham/JLO/Obama"...whoever...

Name dropping speaks about insecurity and the need that person has to be noticed and/or accepted.

How many times have you heard someone name drop Jesus into a conversation expecting the listener to be impressed? Usually, we shyly or without fanfare mention Jesus, but don't go on bragging about all He has done for case we offend, or in case we are judged and rejected, or in case we look like a religious flake...

Jesus calls us to not be ashamed of Him and He will present us to heaven without shame. Matthew 10:31-33

Who are we really trying to or God?
Next time you encounter someone name dropping, ask God to open an opportunity for you to brag on Jesus, (not on man) 1 Corinthians 1:31, be bold, resist getting hung up on fear (God did not give you a spirit of fear... 2 Timothy 1:7 ), let your light shine and tell someone about how fantastic it is that you are friends with the God of the Universe! Now that's impressive!

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Serge Ragonnaud said...

Videos Billy Graham's sermons in France at Paris Bercy in 1986 on:

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