Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Will You Step In?

Man...it is so easy to get caught up in the tragedies of the world today....and I don't even have t.v....though, I am considering getting cable just for comic relief.

I am full throttle in school (this is my release) and the issues whizzing around my head these days are overwhelming. I went onto Wordle and created a work of issues called "Do you really care?" to express the issues I am encountering this season. I was going to post it here, but I couldn't get the image to enlarge to the point where you wouldn't need a magnifying glass to read it, so if you want to see it you will have to go to Wordle (link below).

Anyhow, I am somewhat torn. I want to pour myself into different causes...to make the world a better place...but there are too many areas I know I could contribute to and only one me. So, I am praying God will show me. Show me where I fit. What my "why"is in this world. (I am so goal oriented...) When I say 'my "why"', I mean "Why am I here". I know I am here to know, serve, worship, love, share God, but how do I do this from where I am at, in the place I am, with the skills, gifts, and passion that resonates within (burning to be released)?

For those of you doing the "duh already" moment, you know, the "hasn't she figured it out yet - just serve God where you are with what He has given you and be satisfied" thought. Yah, I got it...but how do you deny the "something is calling me to go higher and deeper"? Have you never experienced that?! I am led on, drawn further, or rather closer to God's purpose for me in this world by a wooing of magnificent proportions - in my mind anyhow. He seems to draw my attention to different things, stir my heart, and then breathe a fire into my soul - an ache that compels me to know more, want to help, stand in the gap, and then I run with it and if I am not paying attention, I make it my own and become overwhelmed by it instead of letting God work in and through me. I can be so impatient.

Goal oriented, impatient...sigh...God has just shown me how important the journey is and here I am raving about the destination...will I never learn? Sorry Abba.

It really is about the journey...Show me where I fit and I will pour myself out into whatever, wherever...Right now, I need to pour myself into my school work...someone else will have to step in to make a difference...Will that someone be you?

Wordle - http://wordle.net/ search "Do you really care?" If you do really care, prove it and ask God to show you how you can make a difference in this world. Don't deny that burning for justice inspired by the Holy Spirit...and let God lead you. ~mp:)

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