Tuesday, November 4, 2008

His Ever-Reaching Love

So, I have started 3 posts today. This is the fourth. I would like to write a few things, but I can't. I would like to share, but I can't. My personal trainer, Michael, would reprimand me for using the word "can't". It is not a part of his vocabulary, yet lately for me, it echos deeply in my thinking. I am tired in the place that I am at, tired and weak. This is suppose to be a good place to be in right? When I am weak, God is strong through me... yeah, I know, it still is unpleasant to be here though.

So, to get out of this funk, I am going to write about God.

God is great, God is good...My King, you can call Him Jesus, He accompanied me to a Hindu celebration and showed me His ever-reaching love. He was with me while I was at the hospital helping me to encourage and bless as I worked away. He reminded me that everyone has a story and I saw His ever-reaching love there.

His ever-reaching love.

I am so thankful for His ever-reaching love. Without it I would not be here. Today, I will go about my day and try to keep my focus on God and His ever-reaching love, in fact, I think I will reach back. I need Him more than anything. May I encourage you to look for, receive, and share His ever-reaching love in your world today...God Bless. ~mp:)

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