Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Battle Tale

it came out of nowhere
it doesn't take its victim quickly
it is slow to penetrate every area
it is like ooze or slime
contaminating everything it touches...

No. Stand your ground!
Oh dear God, please help!
Stand your ground!
I will not be defeated!

In the quiet, I recall the battle. I was determined. I was mildly surprised at the attack, but I have fought this kind before, it was familiar to me, so I knew to stand my ground with my sword ready for action. Wave upon wave of assault came upon me. I was tiring, and then from within the battle, something new emerged...

Who are you?!
Name yourself!

And that's when I had to re-strategize. This thing that seemed insignificant, coming out of the heart of the battle, has revealed itself to be a cunning opponent. I have pulled back, admittedly out of fear. I know, I know...I cannot hear though...there is too much noise. I need quiet, so I retreated. Not completely though, just enough to touch base with my King. I need His counsel.

To be continued...

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