Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just Personal Thoughts on the New Year

This morning the sun rising was an explosion of oranges against the cool blue of the sky beyond. It was beautiful! I have not been getting up at my usual 6am lately, for some reason I am still exhausted at that time, so I have been getting up around 7...or even 8 - but this must end, school starts tomorrow for all of us.

Lately, I have been feeling very restless. I was looking into moving to BC in the summer when I realized that I really need to step back on this one and seek out the Lord. I have learned over the years that a rushed decision is usually going to give you much head and heart ache, so I pulled back. Wherever the Lord wants me, He will make a way and I do not need to rush to make it happen (Which is in our nature, right? To take things into our own hands and make happen because we think we know best?!)

Anyhow, as I am sitting here this morning, I am wondering what exactly the Lord has in store for me.

2009....A new year....I can't help but think that this will be quite an interesting year for me personally and globally....I didn't make any resolutions simply because I am still working on ones from last year:) But, now, as I sit here, I think I should make at least one new resolution....To be more involved with my girls. Not that I haven't been - it is just that I am seeing how our busy-ness has left us going to do our own thing to relax that does not involve one another. I do my computer stuff, so does Sam, Reena does her thing....and there we are in different parts of the same house lost in our own world while we are here when we could be doing more together. I see this in other families, both the doing their own thing to the detriment of relationship and the doing together to the benefit of each and I have realized that time runs on too quickly when it comes to children and the time they spend under our care as parents, and I really want...really need, to make the most of my time with them. So, this will be my New Year's resolution: to be more involved with my girls...

On that note, I had better go wake them...daylight is a wastin'

God Bless you all (for my friends down south...y'all ;D ) ~mp:)

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Mark J. Fisher said...

Good morning,
Thanks for your encouragement to spend more time with our children. Lost time with them is something we can never get back.
Thanks again :)

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