Friday, January 23, 2009

Who Do We Need - God?

A friend once asked, "Who encourages the encourager?" ...That's a good question. When I ponder the Word of God seeking the answer to this question, it comes back to Him, over and over.
When you have no one to love you, who loves you then? ...Jesus.
When you have lost all hope with the things of this world, what do you look forward to? ...Living eternity with God.
When you cannot solve the problem on your own, with your money, with your talent, with you position, with your charisma, what is your last resort? ...God.

Who do we cry out to in times of need, fear, loneliness, in times of hardship? ...God. We may be ticked as all get out at God, wanting to blame someone for the pain, but the reality is, we still turned to Him. Even "non-believers" do this. Odd, don't you think? Countless times, I have conversed with people who would seemingly present themselves as independent from God (and surely, in a way they are), but when confronted with an issue of distress, they speak of God as someone that is intimately involved in their affairs...He has just been estranged from their lives until this moment.

The deepest cry of our being is for God.
People would attempt to deny this with all kinds of excuses, but in the end, they cannot deny the truth. We long for God. We long to know Him, to be approved by Him, we desire His deeply that some of us would go to the ends of the earth to remain in His Love. In that, I mean, we would do anything for God, follow His leading anywhere, serve Him without reserve in any setting.

I look at people of this world attempting to do this and I look at myself and wonder...I know my deepest desire is to give my all to God...Yet, I need Him to do this give my all to Him.

I fully admit, I need God. I need His Love, His encouragement, His guidance...I need Him, not just when I am faced with calamity, but with every waking breath, I need Him. I want Him to be a part of my the good and in the bad, in the momentous and in the seemingly insignificant. And the reassuring thing about all of this is that He wants to be a part of our lives. He wants to encourage us, He does love us and desires to bring us to Himself. He desires us.

He desires us as we are, not necessarily having it all together (and I very much doubt there is one person on the planet that does have it all together, despite appearances), not just in times of hardship or need, but all the time.

Right now, God desires you and has placed a desire for Him in you...For without God, we are incomplete.


Renae said...

So true, Misti. My husband says there is no such thing as a person who does not believe in God. There are only those who feel it is easier to live as if He doesn't exist.

I'm so glad He loves us enough to pity us, and to be there for us even when we've rejected Him in the past. He is so good.

steve martin said...


In the end...He is all we need. In the meantime we will bump around down here for awhile sometimes getting it right.

What a great Day it will be when He takes us Home.

The oldaer I get, the more I long for that Day.


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