Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is God Enough?

Sitting here this morning quietly waiting for the sun to rise I am asking myself, "Do I really believe God is enough?"

This has been rolling around in my bean for a few days...rather weeks, I guess, but it is just over these past few days that I am being challenged to really embrace that question and let it sink deep. Of course, the deeper it sinks, the more disturbed I become.

"Do I really believe God is enough?"

I would like to think that I believe this. 'Yep, God is more than di da di da....' And I carry on my merry way...But wait.

When I question where I am at in my career, my relationships, my finances, my I not doubting that God is enough? If any or each of these were non-existent or less than optimum, would I like Job, trust that God is enough?

Honestly, no. Maybe, but most likely not. I would be disturbed that things were less than ideal and seek to rectify the situation. Isn't that what we all do...what we should do? We want the "ideal" in every area of our lives and living with less than that is very inconvenient, so we try to change it.

Is that what God wants though? I mean, in this place of "less-than-ideal," is it really what we perceive it to be?

Living in poverty is less than ideal - Is God enough to satisfy us when we have little or no money? Do we trust Him in this state of being to be there for us, to provide, to protect, to guide us? Or what about relationships? When we have no significant other? Is God enough to bring us the comfort we long for, the love and acceptance we desire? Are we satisfied with just Him and no other?

Is God enough for us? Do we truly desire Him and only Him? Honestly? Are we satisfied - content - with God alone? In every situation? I think that if we were, you would see an entirely different world. The passage that says, "the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus"Philippians 4:6-8 takes on new life.

Is God enough for us? In all things big and small? In every situation? Do we look to God and trust Him, truly trust Him? Would others look at you and see that you trust Him?

Is God enough?

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