Monday, March 23, 2009


Have you ever heard that saying that to "assume" makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me"?

How many times have you made assumptions about people and circumstances that have ended up being to your embarrassment?

I know I have done this many a time in the past and I have since tried to be self-aware so as to prevent myself from coming to faulty conclusions. Often, unfortunately, we tend to have a habit of feeding our own beliefs, biases, desires about things and people whether they are fact or fiction.

For example, you see a person you know coming in your direction and you are waiting for them to greet you, but they don't, they walk right on by, not even seeming to notice you. You start to make assumptions....perhaps you think that the reason why that person didn't greet you was because you are unlikeable....

Wait!....You're not?? I mean, you are likeable? You didn't offend them did you? ...No? Hmmmm...

Then why would you get all in a knot because that person did not greet you this morning? That person might have had something going on in their world that has greatly distracted them. Perhaps they need your prayer, not your insecurities?

Assuming can destroy friendships, marriages...any relationship. Assuming tends to be more destructive than constructive, ever noticed that? We tend to assume the worst instead of the best.

Remember in Acts 16 when the jailer assumed the prisoners had all taken off - That guy made a wrong assumption and was about to commit suicide! Thank Goodness that Paul spoke up to the Glory of God or that story may have had a very different ending!

My point is: assuming - don't do it. Don't make assumptions about people's motives to the detriment of your own heart, your own well-being. People do things for many varied reasons - right or wrong. Take your concern to prayer. Confront the person if you must (but in a Christ-like manner). Give the person the benefit of the doubt. Everyone has a story, everyone loses themselves in another world, everyone has bad days, everyone is fighting a battle. And remember, most often, assuming makes an ass out of u and me.

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Renae said...

Amen! Great post. We've all done it.

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