Monday, March 2, 2009

My Heart is Broken

This beautiful child - who are you? where did you go? will you not see the truth? You are fading away......
Yes, you are human, you are not a monster. You have so much potential - you must want help, you must ask...

Dear little one, you are so precious.

Will you work with us, let us help you?

My heart is broken to see you this way. Your perception is skewed - a refracted sight.

Oh dear one, if you could hear my heart cry...the sound of mournful weeping and wailing would haunt your day.

Hear me, precious child...Oh Dear God, let her hear. Save her from this life-sucking-demon...please...

Beautiful child, my prayers for you will continue - your image haunts my mind.

Don't give up...please keep trying...

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