Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Are...

See this tree beginning a new life?
It rises on the remains of another tree - years later.
The beauty of this single green life is priceless.
It is beautiful and unique.
It has its own special place in the function and form of the forest.
Birds and creatures of a great variety will benefit from the life of this tree.

When was the last time you looked at a tree? Considered its life, its contribution, its beauty?

Now, when was the last time you looked at yourself in the same manner that I have presented above?

Do you realize that you are priceless, unique, beautiful in the eyes of God?

I cannot emphasize this enough. In this world, we are told directly and indirectly that we don't have worth, that we aren't (good, pretty/handsome, smart, etc.) enough, and there is this habit we have of labeling people (geek, hyper, do-gooder, drunk, metrosexual, born-again, etc.) for better or for worse - often times - worse.

The ironic thing to all of this is that, many a time, when you attempt to affirm others, they do not know how to respond. They brush off the affirmation as though it really could not pertain to them. What they have chosen to believe about themselves tends to be a far cry from the truth that has been hidden away beneath layers of self-preservation. If a person is told they are something (stupid, smart, beautiful, funny, musical, etc.) long enough, they will believe it and live it. And often time what they live and believe is a lie reinforced by the insecurities of others.

I want to be a person who speaks Truth and Life. I look around and see this savage battle we are in that sucks the life out of so many of us day in and day out - and I know that though I cannot necessarily fight in place of the individual, I can help build up their artillery...with words of Truth, Love, and Life...

You are created by God, in His image, for His Glory, by His Love - You are priceless, a treasure in God's own heart. You have purpose. There is a beauty in you that is yours alone, unique and wonderful, magnificent even! Let the Light and Love of Jesus Christ shine through you. Don't hold back the Truth!

Everyone has worth; Everyone has potential.


Renae said...

Thank you. I needed to read this today.

ken said...

I'm reminded of Ephesians 3:14-21... how our roots are to grow down deep into the soil of God's marvelous love.

Gabriel said...

I stumbled across your blog via Naked Pastor and truly like how and what you write. With your permission I want to quote your second last paragraph in a sermon I'm delivering this Sunday in Bloemfontein South Africa. Regards Gabriel

MistiPearl said...

Hello Gabriel - welcome to Words Exploring and thank you for your interest!

I am humbled that you would want to share my words - you are welcome to quote me, to God's Glory. I would be interested in hearing the content of your sermon when all is said and done - and I pray all goes well!

Smiles and blessings to you!

Billy Coffey said...

Came here by way of Lynn's blog, and I'm glad I did. That's a lovely picture and even lovelier words. So true. So true...

MistiPearl said...

Hello Billy,
Thank you for your comment. I am glad you dropped by - don't be a stranger...
Smiles and blessings to you!

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