Monday, August 3, 2009

The Beauty of Humanity

The beauty of humanity is the reality that we live. We live out of self-indulgence and yet the One who has the power to return us to less than dust will forgive us, returning us to a right relationship with Him. This is beautiful because we are being restored to all that we were meant to be. For without the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the self-indulgence would lead us to death without there being any hope. Now, even the most vile of us can receive forgiveness and be restored to eternal life with God. Some might consider that unfair; however, what people tend to forget is that a sin is a sin, from lying to murder, it is all a blight of hideousness in the eyes of God. Everyone falls short of the Glory of God - everyone! The mercy afforded us by God's grace saves our sorry souls from a fate of despair that no words can justifiably describe. It is hell. The beauty of humanity is the reality that we live...because Jesus Christ died for us.


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