Monday, June 8, 2009

I Should be More in Awe

God's splendor was like that of the sunrise...

I cannot help but think that I should be more in awe of God. I look around at His handiwork and I am amazed! I recently watched a documentary that showed the internal workings of a cell in motion, it looked like a well organized city of existence! Building up, taking down, each element with its purpose, none without a purpose. It struck me as amazing! And then, I look around me at the world we live in, knowing each person has worth, each person has a purpose, that we are meant for things more wonderful than what the majority of us are accomplishing.

I struggle with my sense of worth - cherished by God. I struggle with my place in this life - where do I fit? Decisions of the past have damaged me so that decisions of the present cannot be made - I am rendered paralyzed out of fear for making another "bad" move. I know I am meant for things more wonderful than I can imagine, but until these things manifest themselves, I doubt. I allow fear to micromanage me, leaving me paralyzed.

Yet, I know that perfect love casts out all fear. That turning my eyes upon Jesus will lead me out of the darkness of this battle into the splendor of His presence, into the fullness of the life I was created for. And I will be in awe of Him. Ironically, that which I am "meant" for requires me not to doubt, but to trust, to have faith, to hope, to move. The paralysis that is stealing my life from me must be overcome. The only way I can see overcoming this is in collaboration with God. Devoting myself to seeking Him out wholeheartedly.

I should be more in awe of God. He can do infinitely more that I can ask or imagine!

My prayer for today is that I would be more in awe of You, Jesus, my God, my Saviour, my Friend, my Counsellor, my King.

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