Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Only God Knows...

Out of the dark and silence, the world begins to stir as it awakens to a new day. What will this day hold? Only God knows...
For I saw before me a dream
Deep within a burning spread through my core
The battle began in my mind
It will come to pass, it won't come to pass
Hearing the truth is lost in the ruckus of sparring
The tornado of denial shouts louder muffling out the wind of hope
And in borderline despair I sit
Weighing the use of my armour
I sit afraid to move lest the tornado carries me away
In this desert people pass by carrying water from their oasis
My jug is near empty
Only a cup of water remains
Will it be enough?
Some say there is an eternity in but one drop
My dream so wonderful it seems...
Perhaps it is nightmare in disguise
Or truly a dream of unimaginable significance
Water, I must have water to quench my thirst
The rushing wind is drying my soul
The dream is armed
Is that armour to hurt or to help?
I cannot look for fear that the burning within is indignation and the warrior within...
The warrior within
She will know what to do
I will sit no longer
This dream will not master me
Dream or nightmare
It will come along side me as friend or foe
I will not go
It will come to me
I will be waiting and ready.

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