Sunday, June 7, 2009

What I Learned at Church Today

...I felt like I was much closer to where my heart lies or desires to be. I also realized that my walk has become unauthentic and religious. There's a hard hit to your walk - the realization that you have somehow strayed from the true heart of Christ to mainstream religion all the while denying it!

The Poet spoke on hope and how back in the day, Jesus' followers lived expecting Christ to return imminently. They lived expecting! Because of that hope, that expectancy, Jesus' followers impacted their community and beyond because they were living authentically in anticipation of Christ's return. They really believed Jesus was going to return within days. Now, if we were to live with that hope and expectancy, how would that change our behaviour? The Poet asked, "If we knew Jesus was returning this afternoon at 4, would we be ready or would we want Him to hold off because there were still things that we wanted to do?"

The challenge was: Do we live like that? Do we truly have that hope in us? Do we live in authentic expectancy of Jesus Christ's return? Do we really?

I must admit, I do not. I believe, but I do not expect Christ to show up within the next day, month, or year for that matter. And yes, I do have things I want to do before He returns. This challenge hit deep for me. I try to live for Him, but it is hard...I need, I want to live in the hope and expectancy of the Believers of old.
Lord, please show me how. Please show us how, to Your glory.

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