Sunday, July 19, 2009

the wind ~ with a twist

I am watching the wind outside my window confidently greet the trees, firmly grasping their limbs in a "hand shake" of universal proportions and I think to myself, as I sit sheltered within my abode, that each house I see outside is like a cell in the body, the organism of earth the body, the wind - oxygen.

Not a new thought, just reacquainting myself with the theory of gaia...with a twist...

The source of life in this world (and beyond), the only source of life, is God - without Him, nothing lives. Not us, not our earth. But God is not solely in creation that we should be obliged to worship creation as some do. For if that were true, we would be obliged to worship one another. This is not the case.In Him, we live and move and have our being. God is not just "in" - He stretches far beyond what our imaginations can conceive...we cannot box him into our little bubble of existence and understanding. We are finite, He is infinite.
the wind. it moves gently caressing the world with its touch, when provoked it lashes out the power of destruction. Shall we fear it? Shall we worship it? Shall we chase it? No. in wisdom we learn from it and we give thanks to God for creating it.

Breathe...breathe deep.


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