Friday, August 14, 2009

Repost-Stealing from my other blog

In my 'splorin' of the net, I came across a great thinker that I have encountered before. I love how she thinks and breaks concerns down and works though them. She is hopeful and inspired(ing)...and seemingly cheerful a large majority of the time (not that that is a bad thing, just a drag when you are trying to do the cheerful thing, but you keep coming up against the anti-cheerful fiend that leaves you feeling more apathetic than anything...whatever...)

Anyhow, I noticed that with this person and with a few other bloggers, we have hit this wall of thickness. Picture this: you are running, the day may be sunny or cloudy, it doesn't matter, you are still running - keeping a good pace and then you hit this wall of resistance; your running is now more like the type of feeling you would have running in waist deep water. You can no longer keep the pace and you are starting to wonder if you should stop.

Now, as I am writing this, I realize that if I have hit a "wall of water" that would slow my running, in order to maintain any pace, I need to change tactics and perhaps swim. (Duh...this is partly why I write, so I can see my thinking!)

Okay, that being discovered, I guess I need to reframe a few things.

Right now, like I alluded to in the past, I feel like I am in serious transition. My world is just bizarre. Period. I want to get back to the quiet assurance of the presence of my King...time to step back and refocus. I need to somehow throw off that which hinders me and swim for now...or perhaps I need to just change my pace and be refreshed...perhaps I need to wash off the sweat and dirt and come out of the water refreshed and clean, ready to take on the trail again...perhaps...


Robert said...

writing so you can see your thinking. Very good exercise MP I like all you said here. Sometimes its good to let go and relax and refocus than dig in our heels and try to burst through the resistance You deliver very refreshing words of exploration from canada eh :D

MistiPearl said...

LOL...thanks for the comment Robert:)
Your appropriate use of our Canadian dialect is very(!) impressive!;D
xx ~ mp:)

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