Sunday, August 2, 2009

You..A Hero

The camp (Olympia) my kids go to focuses on The Hero's Journey. It incorporates the attitude of a hero into every aspect of the camp experience, building up every camper, drawing out the best in each of them, and encouraging them to take it to the next level.

This focus is a wonderful example of true leadership and teamwork. It is what, I think, Christians should be focused on also. Building up, drawing out, encouraging beyond. Can you imagine all your brothers and sisters in Christ doing these things? What would that look like in your community?

Jesus calls us to follow Him. He is constantly building us up - which usually means tearing down the negative in order to build up a lasting presence. And drawing us out...He calls us out to be the men and women of God we were meant to be, shedding old habits and realizing who we are in Him. Jesus also challenges us to take it to the next "level." It is challenging -taking us out of our comfort zone into true Life. But, He will not leave us incomplete.

This journey of transformation is so personal, yet it is also communal and universal. We cannot avoid it because we were made for relationship...relationship with God, our Maker, and relationship with each other.

The heart-set of a hero, according to Olympia, includes these attributes:
  • self-awareness
  • physically relaxed
  • focused
  • self-confident
  • persistent
  • self-motivated
  • self-disciplined
  • courageous
  • caring
  • forgiving
  • team player
  • supportive
  • co-operative
  • empathetic listener
  • non-judgemental
  • compassionate
  • community centered
  • responsible
  • dependable
  • patient
  • tolerant
  • respectful
  • honest
  • self-actualizing

And I would add - Christ focused - because though this list is great, without Jesus, it is incomplete.

A hero. You. Building up, drawing out, encouraging beyond. Walking with Christ through this grand love story of life...and take your place in this story with all the attributes of a true hero and more, with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

Well, are you up to it? I know you can do it...because with Christ...all things are possible!

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