Saturday, October 17, 2009

Describe Jesus...Part 2

Describe Jesus in one word.
Thank you for the responses!

It is an odd thing, isn't it...describing Jesus in one word. If I asked you to describe your partner or your parent in one word, would it be easier or more difficult? I mean, we know the "right" answer to describing Jesus...something positive...something glorious, right?! Are we brave enough to analyze our relationship with Jesus with the same scrutiny as we would describe our partner or our parent?

That aside, do we have a relationship with Jesus?

For quite some time now, I have been paying attention to different churches locally and abroad. I have been listening to their message, watching...

The thing that has struck me the most in many circles, is that we are not being taught about having a relationship with Jesus so much as having a relationship with the church institution and with each other. Now, this is not entirely a bad thing, but it does leave one left to engage in a lonely search to discover who we base our faith, our life/lifestyle, morals, and ethical existence upon. We are Christians...Christ-followers...Jesus Christ. But who exactly is He?!

Who is Jesus? I mean, who was Jesus when He was on the earth in human form?

To determine that, we need to go to the Bible and read...not just read, but investigate context. I think that many of us read the Bible looking for the do's and don'ts, the promises, the hope, and we when we look at the story, we only skim the surface.

To know who Jesus was/is, we need to understand the context of the story and of the words written. Basically, we need to dig deeper and learn about the history and culture. Sounds like work? Don't sweat it! Remember, we claim we have a relationship with Jesus, shouldn't we want to know Him better...wouldn't you learn all you can about your partner...why would you not do the same (and more) for your God? It does take time, as with any relationship, but it is worth it!  God wants us to know Him, He desires a deep, loving relationship with us, not a superficial "I'm God and your not - so suck it up and do as I say" existence.

My challenge for you today is to pick one of the 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) and begin to read and investigate the text. Pick the scripture apart, imagine yourself there as part of the story, question things that just don't make sense to you and find out who Jesus really is!

This is not a challenge that you should partake alone. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and teach you and do speak to others about what you are learning and what you question...and let me know what you find.

May you seek and find, learn and grow, and experience Perfect Love...and share...all to the Glory of God.


Robert said...

I think you tap into a deep struggle we in the USA have Misti in that we live in a fast-paced culture and so often relating to Jesus becomes fast as well. Or we can become so caught up in doing His work, we neglect to know Him. I like your challenge, I am intrigued to discover what Jesus will reveal as i go back to the Gospels and seek Him out

MistiPearl said...

Thanks for your comment Robert. Right now, I am working through Mark and I am surprised at what I am learning about what I thought I thought about Jesus. Right now, I am going through questioning all and then I will go back through the book and research my concerns in more detail. It is yet, another adventure as God reveals Himself to me anew! Smiles and blessings to you! :)

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