Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wait and See?

Righteousness goes before him and prepares the way for his steps.~Psalm 85:13

For things to occur, all must be in order. God works all things together...(Rom 8:28) It is so easy to forget that there is a bigger picture to consider when we are eagerly awaiting for God to fulfill His promises.

Looking from one perspective, we may think that everything is ready and in our minds wondering, "Why isn't God moving?"; however, God sees from all perspectives (thankfully) and He coordinates all things for good. This explains so much in certain know, those times when you look back on an event and realized that if a had not of occurred, then b wouldn't have coincided with c for d to happen (or something like that).

I think of 9/11 and all of those workers who were "late" that morning...and lived to tell about it. Also, and of course, the death of Jesus...which led to His resurrection! At the the moment, we cannot possibly conceive how anything good can come of our situation and even when we think that now is the perfect time - nothing happens and we watch the moment go by all the while scratching our heads in disappointment or spouting off profanities in anger (...perhaps).

As I have mentioned previously, I do not believe in coincidence - I do believe that we have very limited perception. I also believe that God works in mysterious ways, that He allows us to make our own choices, and weaves all things together for good...even when we do not see the good...

Many people ask why bad things happen, and the quick, short answer is The Fall and Free Will...With our limited perception of things, we see tragedies and injustices abound. This earthquake that has brought Haiti to the forefront of the world's news is a prime example of this, though a certain individual figures he has all the answers to this tragedy, the rest of us mourn for these people and wonder what good can come of it. 

...I guess we will just have to wait and see...

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