Friday, March 26, 2010

Sheila Walsh - Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God (book review)

When I received "Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God" by Sheila Walsh, I was quite excited to read it because I, too, am on a journey of learning to trust God and I was anxious to find any pearls of wisdom that Ms. Walsh had to offer based upon her experiences. I wasn't disappointed.

 Sheila Walsh shares with us a part of her journey where her faith in God and her understanding of her worth in His eyes are transformed.  She challenges us to trust God despite our brokenness. In this book, Shiela continues to tell her story that left off from her previous book Honestly  where she shared how she went from TV hostess and singer to spending time in a mental health institution. It is in this new book that she continues her story of coming out of that dark period realizing that God could use her regardless of what she thought or what she thought others might think, and still fulfill her dreams!

 Sheila uses her experiences interwoven with lessons directly from the Bible to create an interesting and inspirational account of the Lord at work. I also enjoyed the fact that Ms.Walsh didn't just use scripture to support her experience, but she expounded on historical significance where appropriate.

"The Scriptures don't detail Joseph's story between the Sanhedrin events and those after Christ's death, but Mark makes note of something remarkable: As Jesus breathed his last breath, the centurion standing as his executioner announced, "truly this Man was the Son of God" (15:39). And then Joseph goes to Pilate to claim Christ's body.
Do you see the unmistakable mercy here?
At the moment and place of Jesus' deepest pain and shame, he allow sfor a Roman executioner to proclaim trust at his feet, a man who did not speak up when he could have now has the chance to take his life and reputation in his own hands and ask for the battered body of Christ.
That is one of the most powerful effects of Christ's life--how he show us what is in us. You see, Jesus bring all that is good and bad, fearful and courageous, compromised and steady into the light. Then his grace allows us to change, to trust. He never reveals our flaws to sham us, but to redeem us.
Do you see the grace here? Do you see that no matter how often you fail, it is never too late to take your place at Jesus' side, never too late to trust him? Do you see that God's love for us shows up more powerfully in our failures than in any of our greatest successes." (pg.188 hardcover)

Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God by Sheila Walsh is a book I would highly recommend! It also includes a free, in-depth Bible Study that is appropriate for individuals and small groups!

You can find Sheila's new book at AmazonChristianbook .com, and Chapters 

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