Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Is The Little Things That Matter...

This sentence was a bit of a revelation for me this morning as I sat in prayer with Abba. I tend to be a big thinker - and yet, I notice tiny, often obscure, details. I am not sure what that says about me, but this morning in prayer, God brought this saying to my attention...for a reason.  I have many a great plan to do this or that, but when I anxiously laid it all before God in seeking His guidance, the plans all faded away.  "It is the little things that matter." When I let this settle in my heart, I realized that this is a wonderful burden to bear. I did not have to worry about the "bigger" picture, I am called to deal with the "little" things, those things that some may consider mundane and perhaps, any other time, I might have considered them mundane as well. But not today. 

In my walk with God this season, I am finding myself reconnecting with things I used to love doing that I had stopped I put them aside for more "important" projects. Now, it is these little things that I am called to focus on...and not just focus on, but joyfully embrace. The odd thing is that my energy and passion for these things are resufacing so easily and naturally! It is truly a joy to be engaging in them.  The drive that had escaped me years ago is returning and it is a beautiful thing! God is at work in me and through me.

Have you laid your plans before God lately? What is He saying to you?

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."~Matthew 11:30

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