Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hit a Wall

(Walk, walk, walk) *WALL*
(Walk, walk, walk) *WALL*
(Run, walk, jog) *WALL*
(Walk, walk, walk...)

(Walk, walk, walk...)

Have you ever experienced this?

Many times have I encountered this type of senario in my life. I head in a direction that I believe I should go and I hit a "wall" - an obstacle that prevents me from continuing in the same least for the time being. This theme of being obstructed from a free flow of existence has resurfaced in my life recently. I am not so frustrated when this happens these days, in fact, ever since 9-11 occurred, I console myself with the firm belief that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. (For example, all those people who were late to work that day because of one obstacle or another had their lives spared.) And with God's hand on my life, I know it is for my good.
Next time you hit a wall, don't get discouraged. It is there for a may take a little soul searching to discover that reason, if you discover the reason...and if you don't, trust God.
Remember the story of Balaam's donkey?
How about Paul? "This is why I have often been hindered from coming to you." 
There are many examples of God working in people's lives, gently leading them to a better place/situation. And we will get there...with perseverance. Even if we turn the another way trying to skirt the wall, God will still goes before us and prepare the way, and He will still be our rear guard if we ask Him. With God all things are possible. The thing to remember is that we need Him...wall or no wall...we need Him. Perhaps that is the reason the wall is there in the first remind us, we need Him.


Steve Garufi said...

I didn't know you had a blog.

MistiPearl said...

Welcome to another small part of my world. I also have another blog...Exploring Issues

I hope you enjoy them :)

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