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Richard Rohr - Kindred Spirit

I subscribe to the somewhat controversial Richard Rohr's devotional from the Center for Action and Contemplation I find his writings inspirational and even challenging at times. I am not a "conservative Christian" per se (if you were looking to label me), and I like to keep my heart and mind open to how God works in and through those who are passionate about what they are learning in the Word and by the Holy Spirit...saying as much, I have found a kindred spirit in Fr. Richard's experience and I wanted to share a sample with my readers. (I love how after he shares, there is a "Starting Prayer", a simple sentence to encourage the reader to meditate upon the words written and follow through into a dialogue with God.)
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The final experience of mysticism, after the optimistic explosion that we usually call hope, and the ensuing sense of safety, is of deep rest. It’s the verb I’m told that is most used by the mystics: “resting in God.” All this striving and this need to perform, climb, and achieve becomes, on some very real level, unnecessary. It’s already here, now. I can stop all this overproduction and over-proving of myself. That’s Western and American culture. It’s not the Gospel at all.
We’ve all imbibed the culture of unrest so deeply. We just cannot believe that we could be respected or admired or received or loved without some level of performance. We are all performers and overachievers, and we think “when we do that” we will finally be lovable. Once you ride on the performance principle, you don’t even allow yourself to achieve it. Even when you “achieve” a good day of “performing,” it will never be enough, because it is inherently self-advancing and therefore self-defeating. You might call it “spiritual capitalism.”

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Starter Prayer: Fall into the love of God.

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