Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We've Got This

We've got this.
I've got You,
You've got me.
We've got this.

Frustration with being in the frame of mind that I am in hinders me from enjoying the now.
Fear, doubt, confusion.
Maybe God really doesn't have my best interest at heart; after all, His way and His thoughts are higher than mine...so, it would not be so absurd to think that what I want, or what I think I want is not the same as what He wants for my life?

Of course it is not the same. But, God is Love. (1Jn4:8) And if God is Love then I can postulate that being the source of love, God has my best interest at heart, and God having my best interests at heart means that I can rest in the knowledge that God will provide all my heart's desires...because He loves me.

And that's that!

Well...no, not actually.

I don't even know my heart's desires. And what if I think I desire something when really I would not want it at all?!

And what if I deny something that which I would actually want, because of not being able to see what it is at the moment?

Hardship. Hardship and anguish, that's what.

But then, what if through that hardship and anguish I become more aware of what I really want? And what if that experience makes me a better person and deepens my relationship with God, and then I am able to testify even more to His love for me?

Sigh...Ya see where this is goin'?

Sometimes, I get royally ticked at God. Thankfully, He is not only Love, but the God of mercy and infinite patience as well! That being said, He seems to want me to grow into this ideal He has for me by allowing me to make my own choices and then drawing the best and the worst out of me along the way. Sometimes, I can see what He is doing; other times, like recently, I have no clue what He is up to and I really have to struggle to keep my faith strong in the knowledge of His love for me. It can be very difficult...and quite frankly, I don't like it - not one bit! (Insert arms straight at sides with fists, scowl on, and stamping of one foot!)

It is all about relationship.
Me knowing Him.

He knows me.

He's got me.
I've got Him.
We've got this.

I can't do it without Him.

 ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LordAlmighty.

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