Monday, January 26, 2009


Une rivière gelée,
un parc glacial,
le froid apporte une grise lamentation,
mais le brilliant ciel
apporte le nouveau, la joie.
Par: Samantha D.
Apparently we have a plethora of poets in our family ~mp:)
A frozen river,
a glacial park,
the cold brings a grey lamentation
but the bright sky
brings newness, and joy.
*Not a perfect translation, it's harder to translate it into English because there are not as many "loopholes" to the language... Sorry if that made no sense. :S*


MistiPearl said...

Sammi, you have created a wonderful poem!! I love to hear the creative thoughts that roam within...Thank you for letting me post this to share with the world!
I love you ~ mom:)

Laura Wilson said...

Hey Sam, that was great!! Keep up the good work. Try some in English too so those of us who don't speak French can understand. =) I do understand though that French just seems to flow better though, doesn't it?

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